9 Creeks Loop Trail Segments

The 42-mile, 9 Creeks Loop includes portions of the Sand Creek Greenway, the High Line Canal Trail, the Cherry Creek Trail, and the Platte River Trail. Encircling metro Denver, the loop passes through urban, suburban, rural, agricultural, and commercial areas. You’ll enjoy walking through the watersheds or creeks of First Creek, Second Creek, Sand Creek, Lee Gulch, Cherry Creek, Dry Creek, Toll Gate Creek, High Line Canal, and the Platte River.

Each segment and details maps can be found in The Best Urban Hikes: Denver.

We’ve broken the 9 Creeks Loop into eight segments averaging about five miles a piece. Feel free to combine segments, break them in half, or attempt the entire loop in a weekend! You decide how you want to walk the 9 Creeks Loop, or if you want, Hire a Guide!

Read about the 9 Creeks Loop backstory and history below.

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