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Our mission is to help you discover the amazing trails, interesting neighborhoods, exciting parks, and unusual hikes in the city/county of Denver.

With over 300 parks, 78 neighborhoods, hundreds of hikes and walks and dozens of regional trails, the City and County of Denver await your exploration.

Just open the front door and start exploring. Your city is waiting for you.

Denver’s outdoors aren’t up in the mountains, they’re right here in metro Denver. Don’t have time to drive 90 minutes to a trailhead along the Front Range? There’s plenty to do right here in metro Denver.

Dive into Denver By Foot. It’s more than a walk in the park. It’s a lifestyle.


“Awesome, fun, and inspiring! I plan to join one of her future travel adventures.” –Evelyn


“I loved hearing her speak. I can’t wait to get my groove on. She’s motivated me in so many ways.” ~Catherine

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Chris speaks about using walking as a tool to find peace, connection, and mental clarity. Through fun stories of her adventures around the world by foot, she weaves together a motivating story of how walking can open up doors of creativity and help anyone break out of their comfort zones into their lives. Available as a keynote speaker, both in person and virtually, she’s ready to rev up your teams. Contact her now.


“Listening to her, walking with her, reading her stories–she’s nothing but positive energy.” ~Joyce


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Why Denver By Foot?

Chris Englert could see the end of her Fortune 500 sales career. It was coming fast. Not sure what to do, she opened up a map of Denver and asked,

“I wonder where these trails go?” and then,

“Who else would want to know?”

So she started walking–to help heal her transition from corporate life, to discover Denver, and to get outside.

The walking started with urban hikes on Denver’s trails, then lead to walks in the neighborhoods which opened up questions about Denver’s parks.


“We’ve loved her enthusiasm and creative energy. She’s inspired our patrons to get out and go. People ask for Chris all the time.”       ~Lara, Denver Public Library Events


Soon, Chris had walked all of Denver’s 78 neighborhoods, explored over 200 of Denver’s parks, and hiked Denver’s regional trails. She soon realized that there was no good information about metro Denver and realized that Denver’s treasures needed sharing. Chris started to see how she could parlay her Fortune 500 sales and persuasion skills into motivating folks to discover Denver.

With over 100 walking maps of Denver here on DenverByFoot and three books in the Bookstore, you can find a way to get outside, on foot, in Denver. From urban hikes to day hikes to days in parks, Chris covers everything you would want to do, outside, and on foot in Denver.

And once you’ve exhausted Denver, Chris wants you to tackle a walking vacation.


“Need to sell people on how great Denver is? Get Chris to talk to folks. She’s the city’s biggest cheerleader.” ~Sara, Realtor

Want to collaborate?

Denver By Foot is the premier website for people wanting to discover Denver in the way we were made to move, by foot. Contact us to collaborate on walking experiences, content development, writing opportunities, sponsored posts, product ambassadorship, and personal guides. Media kit available on request (hello@eatwalklearn.com).

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Chris Englert

CHRIS ENGLERT has walked all 78 neighborhoods in Denver, visited over 300 of Denver’s parks, hiked most of Denver’s regional trails, and leads walking vacations around the world. In her spare time, she writes articles, blogs, books, and guides.


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