How to Walk the 9 Creeks Loop

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When walking the 9 Creeks Loop, what should you expect? Where are the facilities? Hotels? Restaurants? Is it safe? Enjoyable? What is there to do along the 9 Creeks Loop beyond walking, biking, or riding? Rule number one, there is no camping. Have you read the backstory?

What to Expect

The beauty of this loop lies in its existence. Most of the Loop is paved and marked. There are a few spots of pebble trail and construction, but in general  Denver Regional Trail System makes up the Loop. 9 Creeks Loop goes along creeks, through neighborhoods and parks, along busy business areas, and even through quiet fields. You’ll find wildlife, many types of users from bicycling commuters to ambling moms, and secret spots to rest and relax. You can read about each mile by mile.

Where to Start the 9 Creeks Loop

This blog is written based on starting the loop at the Globeville Trailhead and walking east. You can start/stop and move in any direction you like. If you want to follow the trail in the manner in which this info here is written, mile 0 is at the Globeville trailhead, and you’ll start the 9 Creeks Loop by heading east.

We’ve split the 9 Creeks Loop into 8 segments of about five miles a piece. You’ll want to pay attention to the open hours of the trails, which is based on the jurisdiction that operates the segment of the trail you’ll be walking. In general, the hours are sunrise to sunset. We have walked it in all hours of the day and evening without incident.

The descriptions here are based on walking one way. At the end of the segment, you might want to call Lyft to pick you up or walk with a friend and carpool cars at each end. miles. Our hope once you complete the 9 Creeks Loop is that you’ll gain a better understanding and perspective of Denver by foot.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

We must give thanks to the generous sponsorship of Forest City for my GoPro and to Wallaroo Hats for providing hats to give to selected walkers when we first ventured out on this journey.

If you would like to join us for a leg or two, send us an email and we’ll make arrangements to meet up.