Stop Carrying Bags of Dog Food with You

When I walk in Denver and lead my walking experiences, I generally do not bring my dog. But on the weekends and other times, when my family and I go hiking, we often bring my Giant Schnauzer, Zeus. He’s just shy of 100 pounds and 16 months old. He burns lots of calories when we hike here in Colorado. He gets hungry. Here’s my product review TurboPup.

Power Bars for your Pup20150919_121724

Zeus is a big guy, gets hungry, and loves hiking. When we pack up, we’ve all got water and food. I’m not a big fan of putting packs on dogs, so I find that I end up carrying Zeus’ stuff too. I could easily stuff at least 2 cups of dog food into my day pack. The bulk, together with that nasty dog food smell, was enough to think about other solutions.

Enter TurboPup

Then one night, while watching Shark Tank, I saw TurboPup win the big deal. Think of TurboPup as a power bar for your dog. I ordered that night while I watched their website go down. Shortly afterward, they emailed, apologized, and said my order would arrive shortly. When it arrived, they threw in a few extra bars! Thus, we got the chance to try all the flavors, and Zeus (and I) were hooked.

If you read TurboPup’s website, you’ll see the flavors and the write-up about the bars being grain-free and such. Fortunately, Zeus is easy to feed and I don’t have to worry about allergies and such things, but I’m sure many folks do worry. He likes both the bacon and the peanut butter flavors.

The Pros

product review of turbopup
Convenient, easy, and portable, the bars fit nicely into my day pack. My dog loves the bacon flavor, but he’s never scoffed at the peanut butter either. I have no idea if the price is competitive or how the price compares to the equivalent amount of dog food. I simply don’t care. The convenience of the bar and the willingness of my dog to gobble the bars down is evidence enough to continue buying.

The Cons

The bars are crumbly, so Zeus is often eating the crumbs from the ground. He doesn’t care, but he does end up licking up some dirt while sniffing for crumbs. I also wish the packaging were biodegradable so that I could dispose of it easier while hiking or camping. But that’s a minor. Also, TurboPup is often sold-out, so when you order, order big so you won’t run out.

Buy the Bar!

I am a huge fan of TurboPup, and so is my dog. I think they are fabulous. I love supporting a small business run by a woman with ingenuity. In this product review TurboPup, I give an A. Buy up TurboPup!