Sand Creek Greenway Segment 4

Leaving the Wetland Park trailhead, you’ll meander along Sand Creek right next to I270, but you’d never know it. You’ll see some interesting flood control infrastructure, pass by the historic Danish pig farm lots, pass the stormwater treatment facility, glimpse the edge of Riverview Cemetery, wave hello to Suncor, and end up at the confluence of the Platte River and the Sand Creek. Don’t let these landmarks fool you, there’s plenty to see and experience on the is segment, and its one that shouldn’t be missed.

Start: UPS Wetland Park at 6198 E 52nd Ave, Commerce City

End: Confluence of the Platte and the Sand Creek 6400 York St, Denver

Length: 3.3 miles

Highlights: Wide views of the Sand Creek, Riverview Cemetery, confluence of the Platte River and the Sand Creek

Sand Creek Overview

Segment 4 Overview

Maps used with permission from the Sand Creek Greenway Partnership.