Sand Creek Greenway Segment 2

Segment 2 of the Sand Creek Trail starts at Star K Ranch, Morrison Nature Center. Here, you can often catch herds of white tail and mule deer hanging out in the thickets and the cottonwoods along the Sand Creek. As you work your way west out of Star K, keep your eyes open for signs of beaver! You’ll exit Aurora, and arrive in Denver right as you come to Bluff Lake Nature Center.

Start: Star K Ranch, Morrison Nature Center, 16002 E Smith Rd, Aurora,

End: Bluff Lake Nature Center, 3400 Havana Way, Denver

Length: 3.25 miles

Highlights: Morrison Nature Center, deer, beaver, Bluff Lake Nature Center

Sand Creek Overview Map

Segment 2 Sand Creek Map


Maps used with permission from the Sand Creek Regional Greenway Partnership.