Perfect Packable Rain Jacket

Next to shoes, there’s nothing more important when packing than the decision you’ll make about your outerwear. If you pack light, then this decision becomes even more crucial. After traveling around the world and putting over 40,000 (at least!) on my Marmot Precip, I’ve absolutely decided it’s the perfect packable rain jacket for walking women.

packable rain jacket

The perfect packable rain jacket for walking women

Walking Women Pack Light

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, my Marmot shows up in many of my posts, either in a picture or in my discussion. I recently decided it was time to purchase a new rain jacket, as my Marmot was no longer protecting my neck from heavy rain. The inner waterproofing had deteriorated. Yet, it took me less than a half a second to buy the same Marmot again. Here are my reasons it’s the perfect packable rain jacket for walking women.

perfect packable rain jacket

Despite the wear and tear after 40,000 miles (at least), I still picked the Marmot Precip.

  • It’s packable into tiny crevices.

    I’ve stuffed, forced and crammed this jacket into the smallest of places, only for it to come out looking fantastic with no wrinkles.

  • The sleeves, PitZips, and wrist closures accommodate for any bulk I’m wearing underneath.

    I took this jacket on my round the world adventure, where we carried day packs. Whether 80 degrees in Athens or 35 and raining in Norway, I counted on this jacket to not only protect *and* keep me dry from the rain and snow, but it kept me nice and toasty warm when combined with a good hoodie. See my post about what I packed for my round the world trip if you want more details.

  • The pockets are perfect for gloves, phones, snacks, and money.

    They zipper nicely as well, and the webbing interface keeps things breathable.

  • The lipped hood keeps rain off my face while also providing shade when necessary.

    It can also narrow down to keep the wind from sweeping in around my neck and causing chills.

  • It comes in cute colors.


    perfect packable jacket

    Photo credit: Amazon

    I actually am trading in my beloved purple for a lovely sky blue. I figure I’m no longer the sandy blond I used to be when I first purchased my jacket, and the sky blue will compliment my gray hair nicely.

  • The Marmot performs in all weather.

    I originally purchased the jacket as my go-to for a hike up and down the Grand Canyon, but it also kept me cool from the sun while sailing in the Greek Islands, kept me dry while spending a drenching day in Red Square, and kept me warm (with a hoodie) while cruising the Norwegian fjords. By the way, I also got married in my Marmot on top of the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska!5 things to do in denver

  • Its length covers my hips and my bottom.

    I love to travel in yoga pants and other comfortable walking gear, and it’s nice that the Marmot has by backside covered.

Great Places to Buy Marmot

REI has a competitive product to the Marmot, but although I love REI, I have not veered off the Marmot despite REI’s better pricing on their gear. The Marmot generally retails for around $100, but when the seasons change, you can often find it for around $60ish.

Here is the link to buy it from REI.
Here is the link to buy it on Amazon.

Considering my purple Marmot traveled a good 40,000 miles with me, that calculates out to less than a quarter of a penny per mile, it was my best travel investment yet. I hope you’ll also find the Marmot Precip the perfect packable rain jacket for walking women.