High Line Canal Mile 29-25 Greenwood Village to Centennial

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnIt’s funny to think that walking 5 miles is chump change. But that’s how we felt this morning after coming off our last segment of 10 miles. None the less, 20 High Liners headed out, with the support of the High Line Canal Conservancy and Walk2Connect, under gorgeous 70 degrees and partly cloudy skies. On this beautiful Sunday morning, we wanted to clock 5 miles between mile markers 29-25 through Greenwood Village and a bit of Centennial. Only smiles graced our faces as we started out on High Line Canal segment 7.

Mile 29, Hello Greenwood Village

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnLucky for us, we had several new folks walking with us. So after a brief run through of how we’d carpool and a few rules of the road, we started our jaunt through Greenwood Village. One of our walkers is very familiar with this area, and she told us to keep our eyes peeled for a treat right after mile marker 29. In no time, we discovered our treasure! Ceramic birds mounted onto a Cottonwood snag. Deliciously decorated and hung with care, not only did we marvel at the artwork, but we all remarked how everyone passing us quickly on bikes, jogging, or walking dogs was missing this wonderful treat that only an amble would uncover.

To see footage of mile 29, watch this video.

Miles 28-26 Greenwood Village

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnQuiet and idyllic, the High Line Canal and its Trail subtly wind through scenic views and grand vistas. What’s interesting is that the Village has a storm water run-off challenge, and the Village together with Denver Water have a plan. They have developed a pilot study to see if the High Line would be a good collector of storm water and cleaner of the water that enters it. Fortunately, halfway into the 2016 study, the report is looking good. If all goes well, Denver Water will attempt other storm water projects elsewhere along the Canal. None the less, for the first time in quite a while, we saw water in the Canal!

To see footage of mile 28, watch this video.
To see footage of mile 27, watch this video.
To see footage of mile 27.5 watch this video.
To see footage of mile 26 through Village of Greenwood, watch this video.

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnAs we ambled along, the large custom homes provided charming visual treats. Hearts on barns, tiny re-created pump houses, and general overall beauty at luxurious scale treated us on every corner. The dirt and pebble trail hosted many walkers, riders, and even an interesting fellow training for an Antarctic Expedition. He was plunging ahead of us in full hiking gear, heavy pack, trekking poles, and he even dragged a 25-pound tire behind him.

Mile 26-25 Hello Centennial

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnAfter crossing several solar-powered crossings in the Village of Greenwood, the Trail continued as it has been, offering up serene views. We had to convince the new walkers that we don’t do boring on our walks. And in timely fashion, the famous “wagon wheel” bench was upon us. We couldn’t resist the challenge of how many folks we could squeeze into a wagon-wheel bench (12) which gave us clear views to the Rockies. A passerby facilitated our picture.

To see footage of mile 26, watch this video.
To see footage of mile 25, watch this video.

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnShortly after our wagon-wheel escapade, all of us stopped dead in our tracks. It’s easy to forget and take advantage of the wealth of beauty around us. We ooh and ahh all the time, laughing at yard ornaments, amazing gardens, charming barns, and of course, the occasional glimpse of the Rockies. But sometimes it’s easy to forget where the beauty came from, and thanks to a grateful homeowner, we got reminded.

Mile 25 Breakfast time!

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnAnd then boom, the walk was over. Granted, five miles is good distance. But when walking with friends, learning new things, and enjoying the company of good conversation, the miles pass quickly. Since it was still early and a Sunday, we figured why not have some brunch together. So off we went to the Pancake House for a hearty meal to follow up our morning activities.

high line canal segment 7 eatwalklearnPlease join us next time for segment 8, a 10-mile jaunt through Centennial and Littleton. Sign up at www.walk2connect.com/connectingthecanal. Free for everyone, don’t miss it. Thanks for reading along High Line Canal Segment 7.