High Line Canal Segment 8

Enjoy reaching the halfway point as you walk this portion through Greenwood Village. See details about this segment below.

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Not all might agree, but I believe this is the prettiest segment of the High Line Canal Trail. You will walk approximately 8 miles, making this the most extended part of the series, passing the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve, the Cat Anderson property, Kent Denver School, Three Pond Park, and three different gulches. The north end of this segment takes advantage of the two underpasses that opened in June of 2021, allowing a safe and more convenient crossing of E Hampden Ave. and Colorado Blvd.

What water bottle do I use for a day hike on the High Line Canal Trail? This one.

Start: Orchard Road Trailhead Parking Lot (across from 4010 E. Orchard Rd, Greenwood Village)

End: Mamie Eisenhower Park,  4300 E Dartmouth Ave

Length: 8+ miles

Mile Markers: 31-37

Highlights: Cat Anderson Quincy Farm property, Marjorie Perry Preserve, Half Way Point Marker, Cherry Hills Village

If you are more interested in a shorter distance, consider the trailhead that opened in 2022, located on East Belleview Ave. at 4200 E Belleview Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80121, or the trailhead located on S. Dahlia Street south of East Quincy Ave. Both can be found on google maps.

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Segment 8 Map

Segment 8 Map Overview

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