Denver Peacemakers–It’s a Movement

denver peacemakers

Walking is the platform for life. As a walking leader of casual walks, walking tours, walking vacations, and day-to-day walking, I find that walking is the truth serum of love and joy in my life. I’ve always been a walker–starting with the parent-mandated walk to the school bus stop–but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve realized something more about my walking leadership.

I’m creating peace.

Through walking, I find that people connect with themselves, their environment, and others. One of my regular walkers says, “Swell people walk.” But it’s more than that. While on foot, shoulder to shoulder with friends and strangers, people open up. They talk about their joys, their pains, their curiosities, their differences, their similarities. Walking’s environment breaks down barriers and fears, opening up peace.

In Denver, this peacemaking isn’t just me. There’s an entire culture of peacemakers–folks who work in peace even though their titles may not say so–they are driving this movement. Let’s take a look at four of them.

The Walk2Connect Walking Co-op

denver peacemakers

Yes, you read that right. A walking co-op, the first of its kind. Six small business owners came together on the platform of walking to engage the community. With 40 “free” walks along the Front Range every week to longer, fee-based ambles most weekends, the unique formula and training the member-owners and the 250 volunteers use awakens the peace within over 9100 people annually.

Nicole Hugenin, Wild Dream Walks

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Positioned squarely in the gift economy, this peacemaker runs a dream investment business. Her “Dreamers,” from 6-96 years old, exercise their dream muscles with her. She helps them communicate and express their dreams and then works with them to have their dreams come true. Her Wild Dream Walks business brings peace to those who have dreams that they haven’t yet fulfilled.

Mayu Sanctuary Co-op

denver peacemaker

Another first of its kind, this mediation co-op invites people into their space to mediate. They just sit, stay calm, and internally live for a few moments so they can externally live in peace. Mayu brings mediation to anyone who has ever thought about it, providing guidance to people seeking, looking, and living.

Carlyn Shaw, Strangers to Friends

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Do you have more strangers in your world than friends? Carlyn, in her unique style, has created Strangers to Friends, and her goal is to make friends with the world. What better way to make peace than to get to know those around you? Because it’s the silence and the dissonance among strangers that brings strife and pain. One Happy Hour at a time, Carlyn takes peace on squarely in its own ring.

Peace Is Here in Denver

Here in Denver, peace is happening. Whether through walks, mediation, or gatherings, peacemakers successfully bring people together and spread inner happiness to thousands annually. Will you join us?