5 Denver Fast-Fresh Vegetarian Restaurants

Denver’s culinary scene ranges from good to great, and there’s not a bad taste anywhere in this town. As a vegetarian, it’s a thrill to find solid, good meals easily, and it’s an extra bonus to give points to these home-town, home-grown fast-fresh restaurants that vegetarians find choices, tastes, and varieties. Here’s my 5 Denver fast-fresh vegetarian restaurants, ranked in order to my most favorite.

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5. MAD Greens.

Yup, it’s basically a salad place, and as a vegetarian, I generally just sigh when someone tells me their “vegetarian” dish is a salad. But hold that tomato, cowboy, MAD Greens offers up some of the best toppings this side of a veggie garden. I love the Siam I Am with its great combo of quinoa and kale. Dig in!

4. Tokyo Joe’s.

Japanese food always answers the call for vegetarians, but Tokyo Joe’s does it with a quick karate kick. I love their Bento boxes where I can build a nice veggie meal and throw in some fish when feeling the urge. But even without some salmon, the slab of tofu is pretty good.

3. Chipotle.

By now, most folks know Chipotle puts its roots in Denver, and many might scold me that the home-town favorite isn’t number one of my list. Their sofritas by themselves should get a top billing alone, but I’m keeping Chipotle lower on the list because I’m waiting for something new. Their menu has been a bit stale for a while, and I’m hoping they’ve got a secret up their burrito sleeve of something delicious soon.

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2. Garbanzos.

What vegetarian wouldn’t love a place named after one of the best-tasting legumes in the basket? This fast-fresh place is made for vegetarians with all the hummus you’d ever want to eat, and be sure you try the baba ganoush.  Top it all off with some feta on top of their homemade chips.

And bam! Number 1 is….

1. Modern Market (previously called ModMarket).

There is so much to choose from here for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, but they get my top spot because they serve my favorite sandwich of all time, the Arugula Mozz. With fresh mozzarella, basil aioli, balsamic vinaigrette, arugula, and tomato on Izzio’s ciabatta, my happy meter goes through the roof. Indulge!

denver fast-fresh eatwalklearn

That’s it, my top 5 Denver fast-fresh vegetarian restaurants. Do you agree? Which ones are yours?