PB2-My New Love

I have fallen in love. PB2, in both its regular and chocolate flavors, has taken over my life.

As a life long eater of peanut butter–and let’s get this straight–peanut butter is peanuts and salt–I shed tears when I found out that the lifestyle I wanted to adopt counts peanut butter as a fat, not a protein.

A New Lifestyle

Think Keto, Whole30, WeightWatchers, and the program I decided to partake, Colorado University’s State of Slim.

Plus, I wouldn’t be able to indulge in peanut butter until six weeks into the program, and at that time, I’d only get 2 fats a day. How would I accommodate peanut butter, almonds, oil olive and avocado too? And then, ahhh, what about my daily need for chocolate?

I have found the pearly gates to peanut butter heaven, PB2. At first, I was a bit put off and skeptical. I am not a fan of protein powders, fake sugars and “alternative foods” that basically replace bad habits. I expected the ingredient list for PB2 to be full of crap I didn’t want to eat.

But guess what. It’s not. It’s all natural, nothing artificial.

It’s just peanuts, salt, and a tiny, wee bit of sugar. Add a dash of cocoa for the chocolate. I figured since I’m not getting sugar anywhere else in my diet, I’d let a measly 2 grams per serving of the regular or 3 for the chocolate sneak in.

10 Ways to Use PB2

How do I use PB2? Oh, dear friend, let me count the ways. I use it mostly for snacks, but I think I’ll look into using it in recipes for tofu and chili, too! As a vegetarian, these are my best bets for using PB2.

  1. Stirred into non-fat Greek yogurt
  2. Mixed into a smoothie
  3. Tossed into carrot-oatmeal muffins
  4. Mixed into a class of almond milk
  5. Stirred into heated almond milk as hot chocolate
  6. Mixed with non-fat Greek yogurt to top toast
  7. Added to non-fat cottage cheese
  8. Sprinkled on grapefruit
  9. Mixed with water for a carrot dipping sauce
  10. Stirred with a dash of water for a thick center filler in celery

Thus, PB2 has totally replaced my 5 daily tablespoons of peanut butter, which I haven’t missed. I’ve also lost 30 pounds–I’ll attribute that more to the State of Slim program, but PB2 has certainly helped.