High Line Canal Segment 14

If you’re not interested in hiking the entire High Line, buy The Best Urban Hikes: Denver, which has several hikes, out n backs, and loops that incorporate pieces of the High Line. See details about this segment, below.

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The last segment to the end of the High Line, you’ll need a guide to find your way. The Trail departs from the Canal and heads onto Green Valley Ranch Golf Course, crossing 56th Avenue with your life in your hands! Look for Cindy Crawford, the High Line’s resident bald eagle. Due to pending construction, you’ll have to detour through the neighborhood to then approach the final head gate (#165!) and the Canal’s end out in the prairie. There is much construction going on out here, and you may not be able to even approach the Trail’s end. Few people have found the final head gate, and it’s a special treat when your guide takes you there.

Please note that the trailhead parking is in a residential neighborhood. Do not park in the visitors parking; park along the street. Please be kind and quiet as you access the trailhead. Additionally, the trailend parking is also in a residential parking lot. In both cases, the addresses given are for locating where to park. Do not disturb the residents at these parking locations.

What shoes do I wear on the High Line Canal Trail? These in the summer. These in the winter.

Start: Green Valley Ranch (4538 Perth St, Denver)

End: Northern Terminus (19692 E 63rd Ave, Aurora)

Length: 5+ miles

Mile Markers: 66-71

Highlights: Green Valley Ranch Golf Course, Head Gate 165, Northern Terminus

Segment 14 Map

Segment 14 Map Overview

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