High Line Canal Segment 5

If you’re not interested in hiking the entire High Line, buy The Best Urban Hikes: Denver, which has several hikes, out n backs, and loops that incorporate pieces of the High Line. See details about this segment, below.

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For this segment, you will leave the Rolling Hills area and arrive in the Wooded Village. If the weather has been great, you’ll find apples, plums, pears, and other assorted fruits along the trail growing from left-over orchards. You’ll pass McClellan Reservoir and arrive in Littleton before reaching the outskirts of Horseshoe Park.

What water bottle do I use for a day hike on the High Line Canal Trail? This one.

Start: Fly n B Ranch (2910 Plaza Dr, Highlands Ranch)

End: Horseshoe Park

Length: 5 miles

Mile Markers: 15-20

Highlights: McClellan Reservoir

Segment 5 Map

Segment 5 Map Overview

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