High Line Canal Segment 4

If you’re not interested in hiking the entire High Line, buy The Best Urban Hikes: Denver, which has several hikes, out n backs, and loops that incorporate pieces of the High Line. See details about this segment, below.

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The beginning of this segment can be a bit of a challenge. The parking area along Santa Fe only holds a few cars, so you’ll need to be strategic about getting a spot. Once you’re parked, you’ll then need to gingerly cross an old bridge that’s seen better days. Be sure to cross it one person at a time. Finally, you can only walk north from the trailhead. Walking south is impassible. Yet once you start your segment, you’ll enjoy it immensely. From the wonderful views up the front range, the honking of the trains, and the interesting mining you’ll see, this segment will pass quickly.’

By the way, if you’re walking the High Line Canal Trail in segment order, you’ll notice that you can’t walk from mile markers 8-10. They are over the Plum Creek, on private property, and there’s no access. For more information about future access, consult the High Line Canal Conservancy.

What’s my favorite hat to wear while hiking the High Line Canal Trail? This one, a Wallaroo, of course.

Start: Landscape Trailhead on Brandon Blvd

End: Fly n B Ranch

Length: 7 miles

Mile Markers: 10-15 (+2)

Highlights: Mile Marker 10 break in trail, Fly N B Ranch

Segment 4 Map

Segment 4 Map Overview

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