High Line Canal Segment 2

If you’re not interested in hiking the entire High Line, buy The Best Urban Hikes: Denver, which has several hikes, out n backs, and loops that incorporate pieces of the High Line. See details about this segment, below.

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Segment 2 starts from the Waterton Canyon parking lot. But instead of walking up into the canyon, you’ll walk to the left out of the parking lot along Waterton Canyon Road. You’ll cross over the Platte River, making your way to what used to be known as the High Line Canal parking lot. Walk through the lot, picking up where the Canal comes out from beneath the road. The trail picks up there too, heading northerly past the Polo Club, by an original homestead, and near possible long-horn cattle sightings! You’ll finish this segment at the Roxborough Park Rd Trailhead, near mile marker 6.

What pack do I like to wear to go the distance on the High Line Canal Trail? This one.

Start: Waterton Canyon Parking Lot

End: Roxborough Park Rd Trailhead

Length: 6+ miles

Mile Markers: 0/2-6

Highlights: Polo Club, original homestead, Longhorn cattle

Bathrooms: At the head and end of the segment.

Segment 2 Map

Segment 2 Map Overview

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