High Line Canal Trail 14 Segments

We have broken the High Line Canal Trail into 14 segments to make hiking the entire trail easier. Click each segment for the trailhead information you need to hike the entire trail via its 14 segments. If you need more details about how/when/where what to do for hiking the Canal, read this article.

If you want to hike the High Line Canal Trail in 14 segments, starting in Waterton Canyon and working your way north of Green Valley Ranch, follow the segments below.

Segment 1–Miles 0-2 (roundtrip from Waterton Canyon Parking Lot, 11300 Waterton Road, Littleton)
Segment 2–Miles 2-6 (one-way, start at High Line Canal Trail parking lot, 10401 W. Waterton Rd, Littleton)
Segment 3–Miles 6-8 (roundtrip from Roxborough Road Trailhead, 11490 Roxborough Park Rd, Littleton)
Segment 4–Miles 10-15 (one way with some out-n-pack to Mile Marker 10, start at 8189 W Brandon Drive, Littleton)
Segment 5--Miles 15-20 (one way, start at Fly N B Parking Lot, 2910 Plaza Dr, Highlands Ranch)
Segment 6–Miles 20-25 (one way, start at 7595 S Elati St, Littleton)
Segment 7–Miles 25-29 (one way, start at DeKoevend Parking Lot, 6315 S University Blvd, Centennial)
Segment 8–Miles 29-37 (one way, start at Orchard Road Parking Lot, 4010 E. Orchard Rd, Greenwood Village)
Segment 9–Miles 37-44 (one way, start at Eisenhower Park, 4300 E Dartmouth, Denver)
Segment 10–Miles 44-50 (one way, start at 9200 Cherry Creek S Dr, Denver)
Segment 11–Miles 50-56 (one way, start at 11275 E Dakota Ave, Aurora ((Park on S. Lansing St)
Segment 12–Miles 56-61 (one way, start at Chambers Centre,15240 E 6th Ave, Aurora lot)
Segment 13–Miles 61-65 (one way, start at Triple Creek Trailhead, 18000 E Colfax Ave, Aurora)
Segment 14–Miles 65-71 (one way, start at 4538 Perth St, Denver)

If you want to hike the High Line Canal Trail in 14 segments from Green Valley Ranch south to Waterton Canyon, read this post.

You can also purchase the High Line Canal Trail Guide and Map from the High Line Canal Conservancy, which breaks the canal into 27 segments.

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