FAQs the Denver By Foot Challenge

Why is it called a challenge?

You are “competing” with yourself. Will you actually finish all 30 activities? Will you get to know Denver?

Who am I competing with in this challenge?

No one. Just yourself and whether you’ll finish it.

How much walking is there?

You’ll walk 3-5 miles for each activity, for a total of about 100 miles over the entire challenge.

Is there a timeline?

No, there is no timeline to complete.

Where will I go?

All the activities are within the City/County of Denver.

How much does it cost?

$29. Look for a coupon code in the newsletter!

A group of friends and I want to do the challenge. What do we pay?

Please buy access for each person. 10% of all proceeds go to walking/hiking/park advocacy in Denver.

Will you post my pictures someplace?

If you tag the with #denverbyfootchallenge, you are giving me permission to repost your pictures and/or use them in a newsletter. If you would rather not have me do that, please let me know.

Do I have to take transit?

No, but it will be much easier if you do when it’s suggested.

Where do I purchase the Denver By Foot Challenge?

You can purchase and download from The Denver By Foot Challenge.

Other questions?

Contact Chris on social at @denverbyfoot, on email at eatwalklearn@gmail.com or by phone at 303 507 7280.